Exercises To Stop Snoring

Published: 05th August 2009
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Have you always had snoring issues ever since you can remember? Are you aware of the reasons why you have these? Are you aware of the causes how you got them? Has it become a bother to you now? Are you doing something about it? Did you know that there is still a cure for it? Would you want to have snore-free sleeps?

Has it ever occurred to you that snoring can be a health problem? What is snoring actually to you? Don't you ever have time to ask yourself if it really is normal or not? Has it been a bother to you and your partner when sleeping at night? Are you willing to take actions about it soon?

Snoring is a normal occurrence to men so does the culture says to us.The common notion of the society is to blame the men for the snoring incidents because snoring is most likely the men''s turf.


Snoring is also caused by normal ageing.Air finds it hard to get through, because it tightens the air track which stimulates the snoring reaction which will happen at the time of his sleep.Non smokers are not saved from this however.If your parent has narrow air passage ways, then it is likely that you will have the same narrow air pathways in you as well as your children, and their children.A person who smokes takes in the smoke into his lungs passing through the air pathways.to stay away from it is one way.A person's history on smoking is also one of the causes.


The controllable factors that cause us to snore are the following:

  • Smoking

  • Alcohols

  • Medications

  • Sleeping positions and posture

  • Obesity and overweight

There are also other uncontrollable factors that make us snore:

  • Male hormones

  • Hereditary

  • Ageing

  • Allergies

  • Respiratory illnesses (asthma, colds, sinusitis)

It is also studied and believed that the foods we eat have something to do with the snoring as well.

The generally common methods to prevent snoring are surgery, dental implants or drugs. These methods engage massive expenditure and occasionally significant danger for the snorer. Stop snoring exercises can be an trouble-free way to get rid of the snoring problem. These exercises are easy to complete as well as safe.

The underlying reason for snoring is always some kind of blockage in the breathing channel. The snoring can be caused by the fact that the throat might be tense, the tongue might fall back into the throat, the nose might be stuffy, or the jaw might be in the wrong position causing a blockage or restriction. When the airflow in the air passage is restricted the soft palate by the back of the mouth vibrates and thus results in snoring. If you want to get free of snoring, the lone way is to get the blockage of air passage clear. This can be effortlessly done by stop snoring exercises.

The stop snoring exercises take aim at relaxing and strengthening the jaw, the tongue and the throat, so that everything in your mouth reverts to a natural position while you are sleeping. The position of the tongue and jaw do not get into the condition that results in snoring and thus you get rid of snoring. Moreover stop snoring exercises makes you feel fresh, as it is straightforward pro you to breathe.

The stop snoring exercises are basically divided into two categories. The firstly category includes the general exercises that include exercises that aim at general fitness of an individual and controls ones weight and keeps one in action all the way through the day. Today's lifestyle has made most of us heavy.

Eating junk and meals that are not accurately timed is the core cause of obesity. Long sitting hours at work and no time to exercise is an added reason that has made us inactive and lethargic. If you are obese than it is very crucial for you to exercise day after day and reduce your superfluous fat. Actually the superfluous fat around the narrow part of obese public restricts the tide of air and upshot in snoring. Hence snoring is a communal phenomenon in obese people.

Moderate exercises daily can be very beneficial in controlling one's weight. One fact that must be very apparent is that the exercises are supposed to be very moderate in nature and not strenuous at all. Even the simplest exercise like taking a walk daily can be very efficient in losing weight and thus avoid snoring. The most important thing is that you stay on a routine. Any small implementation can be very beneficial if continued evenly. Other than walking, other unadorned exercises like swimming and cycling can also be very beneficial.

Now let's talk about the more particular kind of exercises for snoring that are included in the second category. These stop snoring exercises basically aim at freeing up the airways in the throat. It is very similar to the exercise that classical singers do. These exercises free up the passage of air and strengthen the muscle of tongue and throat. These exercises usually do not take very long to carry out, but it should be remembered that it is valuable to practice them on a regular basis.

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